Definition of MOXIE:
1: energy, pep; 2: courage, determination; 3: know-how

Definition of STAMPIN' MOXIE:
Using your personal energy, ideas, likes and loves to express yourself through the medium of stamping and crafting.

What's YOUR Stampin' Moxie style?

I believe we all have our own moxie. We each have a tune with which we march throughout our lives. Our moxie can change, too, as we change and grow through personal experiences and by witnessing the changes around us.

Part of the beauty of our moxie is being able to share it with one another. I enjoy sharing my moxie through crafting and have found that I can share a little something of me through the various projects I create. My desire is to share something I enjoy with others and allow them the opportunity to bring their own moxie out through crafting. Is your stampin' moxie style defined? Is it "vintage"? Is it "whimsical"? Is it something in-between or all of the above? Find out YOUR Stampin' Moxie style! Then, share with others...

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

From 6 to 3...but that's Ok

I tried my first VSN (virtual stamping night) out at SCS and it was a lot of fun! As this was my first time "playing" I had to learn about the rules and how to do it, but it was worth the effort and I learned quite a bit. I had hoped to do all 6 of the challenges, but with the time frame and my 3 young boys, I was just happy to get through half of them! Here is a picture of the 3 cards I completed (you have to finish your project in 45 minutes - but you can upload them anytime before the deadline date. The challenges were on Saturday but you had to have them uploaded to SCS by Monday night.)
The top card (with the fish) was for the "Mandalay Bay" challenge and we had to use some sort of ocean theme or animal, and also the shape of a playing card (or an actual card from a deck if you wanted.) I went with the shape itself and also riffed on the slot-machine, three-in-a-row "jackpot" feel.
The lower right picture (with the little boy) was for the "Circus Cirus" challenge where we had to use the color orange and also fit some type of circus theme into the card. This was actually the first of the challenges that were listed and the first one I played. I didn't feel too creative with my version, but at least I did it. I thought of when I first went to Circus Circus myself, and had my oldest boy with me at the time (he was quite young, though) and how we enjoyed the treats there and the circus.
The final card on the left was for the "Luxor" challenge. This one had to use a triangle shaped card (like the shape of the pyramid) and also use the "faux felt" technique. As I'd never done either of these things, it was quite the challenge. I kept thinking of the phrase, "Vegas, baby!" and so I riffed on that with my little baby-theme (I figured it could be cute for someone announcing a birth or even having a baby shower in the NV area!)
All my supplies are listed in my SCS gallery, so instead of repeating them, I'll just post links to them. I'm sure the closer pictures there are a little better - take a peek if you'd like!
Whew! Now that I've got at least part of one SCS VSN under my belt, I'm looking forward to trying my hand at the next one! If you've never played, give it a try! I really enjoyed using my stash and trying to come up with stuff on my own within the challenge ideas given.


  1. Hi Holly,
    Well done. I have never tried one of those virtual challenges. I don't have internet at home but I am sure getting 3 done in a night is alot. Great cards and images.

  2. You did good. I haven't been able to get my act together to try a VSN but I think 3 out of 6 is fantastic! The cards look great.