Definition of MOXIE:
1: energy, pep; 2: courage, determination; 3: know-how

Definition of STAMPIN' MOXIE:
Using your personal energy, ideas, likes and loves to express yourself through the medium of stamping and crafting.

What's YOUR Stampin' Moxie style?

I believe we all have our own moxie. We each have a tune with which we march throughout our lives. Our moxie can change, too, as we change and grow through personal experiences and by witnessing the changes around us.

Part of the beauty of our moxie is being able to share it with one another. I enjoy sharing my moxie through crafting and have found that I can share a little something of me through the various projects I create. My desire is to share something I enjoy with others and allow them the opportunity to bring their own moxie out through crafting. Is your stampin' moxie style defined? Is it "vintage"? Is it "whimsical"? Is it something in-between or all of the above? Find out YOUR Stampin' Moxie style! Then, share with others...

Friday, February 20, 2009

Update on Mini Magazine Holders info

Ok, so I've had some requests for more info on the magazine holders. They are cute and fun to make - but I didn't come up with the project! :) Here's a link to the original one I saw on SCS that made me want to try them:

In the info section of that post, the crafter has listed her blog where she shows the craft:

Hopefully it's OK to post links to other blogs like this... :) Someone let me know if otherwise...but I think she did a great job and I certainly was inspired to try it out myself! Enjoy!!!


  1. Thanks for that information. I've been looking for directions for that very thing. Great! Happy to be joining you on Ocean's 11 blog group. You have a wonderful blog; your creations are beautiful. I'm glad I'll be checking you out on a regular basis!

  2. Hi! Welcome to Ocean's 11! You asked about time frames... there is a list of about 4 rules on the first page of the thread... you have to post everyone's blog on your blog, visit each and make a comment on each at least once a week and you must update your blog at least once a week. I may have missed something... it's late ... but that's the gist of it. I hope you'll join in and that it will help you to kick start your posts, as you said you wanted to do! Love your projects here... great work! Love the info link too! TFS!

  3. Hi Holly!

    Hope the blog group will be helpful for you. It looks like you have a lot of challenges posted on here. I am hoping to do more of those. Glad you joined the group and look forward to visiting your blog again soon!

  4. Welcome to the group! I liked your Valentine's post but being a dork, could not figure out how to leave the first comment on that post . . . .one of these days I'll get the hang of blogging. Anyway, neat stuff on your site!